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Mission & Vision

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on the market for 60 years

A family history that has lasted for 60 years

Our philosophy is based on the development of increasingly advanced technologies applied to high-level engineering studies, which both guarantee the refinement and construction of efficient machinery for the recycling of all plastic materials from industrial, agricultural and municipal waste.

Environment protection, eco-compatibility of productive and recreational activities and the development of an ecological awareness and education of the citizen constitute the main resource for development of the recycling sector. The reuse of plastic materials is not only synonymous of energy saving, but a common expression of safeguarding and caring of our environmental heritage.

The solidity  and durability of our single machines, as well as our lines have allowed Costarelli to offer itself as a leading company in the plastic material recycling sector.

In addition the company is also scrupulously careful to comply with the community laws and regulations regarding the certification and guarantee of the machinery produced.

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Costarelli’s workshops provide a complete turnkey service in the construction of plants and machinery for plastic recycling.

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We do not abandon the customer to himself, but the staff of the Officine Costarelli will support you continuously even in the use phase.

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We work with a qualitative approach and for this reason all our machinery and plants comply with CE safety standards.

With whom do we share our knowledge?

Collectors - Sorters - Recyclers

Costarelli area of expertise:

Industrial – Post-Industrial

The recycling of plastic from industrial waste was born in Italy since the 1960s.

Italy is a world leader in plastic recycling technologies.

Post Consumer

The recycling process of plastic coming from separate waste collection and municipal solid waste requires selection and cleaning. Costarelli produces machines and systems that guarantee its quality.

Agricultural Industry

The plastic of agricultural sector, used both for irrigation and crops protection, must be recycled. Costarelli designs plants that guarantee its cleaning and optimal recovery.

Processed Materials
by the Costarelli Machinery

We are pioneers in the industry.
We produce cutting-edge solutions.


Costarelli machines are synonymous with sturdiness, high productivity, high technology and durability


With its plants Costarelli is able to satisfy the most varied needs in the field of plastic materials recycling

Customer Care

Responsive pre-sales and post-sales service.

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