New two-stage NG centrifuge

The Horizontal Dynamic Centrifuge is a machine designed to obtain high performance in terms of quality of cleaning and drying of rigid plastic material or film suitably pre-ground and coming from previous washing operations.

The drying of the material takes place by the action of the centrifugal force developed by a vane rotor that rotates inside a polygonal counter-rotating perforated basket.

The flapping of the material caused by the rotor blades against the walls of the basket, allows the elimination of water and any impurities. This effect can be optimized thanks to the possibility of adjusting the orientation of the half-blades which can be done quickly and easily.

Depending on the inclination of the blades, the material is made to advance horizontally more or less quickly until it comes out of the basket with a tangential expulsion at the unloading point.

The cleaning and drying results of the material are amplified in the two-stage centrifuge.

In fact, when passing from one drying chamber to the next, the flow of material undergoes a sudden change of trajectory to the advantage of a more efficient shaking.

centrifuga NG 1 - Macchine riciclo plastica - Costarelli
centrifuga NG 2 - Macchine riciclo plastica - Costarelli

The two-stage CDO-850 guarantees absolutely outstanding performance, with residual humidity which, depending on the characteristics of the material, can vary from a maximum of 0.5% to a maximum of 5%, with limited energy consumption, thus ensuring results that are still unmatched. from the competition

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