Logo Costarelli OC nel mondo 60 anni
on the market for 60 years

A family history that has lasted for 60 years


The founders of Costarelli:
Antonietta and Edoardo Costarelli



EDOARDO + OSVALDO Costarelli ok

Osvaldo Costarelli
with his father Edoardo

A family heritage handed down from generation to generation

In the 1960s, after a long experience in the field of steel construction and precision mechanics, Edoardo Costarelli started his activity in the world of plastic recycling machinery, assisted in his work by the enthusiasm of his wife Antonietta, embroiderer for a prestigious Umbrian fashion company.
His precious technical-scientific heritage, handed down over time, has been collected and strengthened over the years by his son Osvaldo, who has given it a more modern and dynamic style.

Having been able to support his father from an early age in the running of the family business, Osvaldo has embraced the philosophy of continuous innovation, research and avant-garde development, making the company become an international reality.

Our headquarter is located in the green heart of Italy, the beautiful Umbria, a few kilometers away  from Perugia.

Here, we constantly strive to improve plastic recycling systems.

Since the 80s we have been able to intercept sector needs.

Our philosophy is based on the development of increasingly advanced technologies applied to high-level engineering studies, which both guarantee the refinement and construction of efficient machinery for the recycling of all plastic materials from industrial, agricultural and municipal waste.

Environment protection, eco-compatibility of productive and recreational activities and the development of an ecological awareness and education of the citizen constitute the main resource for development of the recycling sector. The reuse of plastic materials is not only synonymous of energy saving, but a common expression of safeguarding and caring of our environmental heritage.

The solidity  and durability of our single machines, as well as our lines have allowed Costarelli to offer itself as a leading company in the plastic material recycling sector. In addition the company is also scrupulously careful to comply with the community laws and regulations regarding the certification and guarantee of the machinery produced.

Some Concrete Facts

Numbers that speak for themselves


Quality comes first! We make sure that every detail is considered during production, even the smallest. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction..”

Costarelli 400x400 firma


We are the partners you can rely on for a solution perfectly suited to your needs.

Innovative Solutions

Cutting-edge solutions in the production of custom-made machines for the plastics recycling sector, with a complete range of machines, accessories and services.

Innovative solutions, machine reliability and high flexibility in the variety of different types and production volumes are the key words to achieve all our customers satisfaction

High Quality Standard

Costarelli has always been committed to quality production through the construction of high-performance industrial machinery suited to customer and market needs.

The policy for quality is based on the pursuit of a production of machines and components that are safe, reliable and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Do you need advice on how to implement your production in the plastics recycling sector? Contact us!