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Multi-Cutting Machinery

La Costarelli festeggia i suoi 60 anni di attività con il lancio di un nuovo macchinario volto a rivoluzionare la visione tradizionale degli impianti di taglio.

Costarelli  celebrates its 60th anniversary with t a new machine that will revolutionize the traditional vision of cutting systems.

Multicutting has been conceived as a more advantageous alternative to the traditional rotary blades cutting machines on the international market, allowing to cut down time and maintenance costs, but also consumption thanks to the low installed power.

The Multicutting system is composed of:

Multicutting - Ricerca e Sviluppo - Costarelli

Suitable for the cutting of plastic materials such as Film and Raffia coming from industrial and/or post-consumer waste, this formidable machine guarantees a “grid cut” that can be set according to the specific needs of each customer  thanks to the application of horizontal blades and the blade-counter blade system.

Multicutting main features are enhanced when the machine is working, with high productivity and a size of the output material suitable for subsequent processing stages, especially in those where there is our strong point: the densifier!

In fact, the size of the plastic material allows a sort of homogenization of the processing flow, easily managed  by  machines used for transport and speeding up the time of each production cycle of the Densifier itself.

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